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Rosanna Bancheri's Bio:

Rosanna Bancheri is a devoted mother to two boys, as well as the office manager for Kingsway Paving & Interlocking Ltd., a successful Toronto-based paving company.


With over twenty-five years of experience in the industry, Kingsway Paving offers paving solutions to both commercial and residential clients.   On the commercial side, Kingsway and its knowledgeable project teams are industry leaders in parking lot paving and repaving.   For residential clients, Kingsway has extensive experience in paving everything from driveways to flower beds to backyard patios, and with its team’s knowledge of asphalt paving, as well as interlocking stone paving, Kingsway offers its clients quality of work and variety.  Kingsway Paving can even pave tennis courts.


In her long-term role as office manager at Kingsway Paving she has helped the company in its development and growth.  As a manager, Ms. Bancheri’s daily responsibilities are multi-faceted and experience-driven.  In fact, Ms. Bancheri is responsible for everything from answering phones to preparing client contracts.  On the client-interfacing side, not only is Ms. Bancheri responsible on a daily basis for answering phones and responding to client inquiries, Ms. Bancheri is also tasked with performing initial outreach visits to customers. 


Oftentimes, a client who is looking to have a paving project completed will contact Kingsway Paving and ask for a member of their staff to visit the client’s property and address, face-to-face, any concerns the client may have regarding his or her project.  Given her twenty-two years of experience in the industry and her in-depth paving knowledge, many times it is Ms. Bancheri who visits these clients and answers their initial concerns.   Strong client service is the key to the success of any small or large business, and that makes Ms. Bancheri’s role all the more vital.


But, though the client-facing side of Ms. Bancheri’s responsibilities makes up a significant portion of her role as office manager at Kingsway Paving, there are other sides as well.  For example, as office manager, Ms. Bancheri controls almost all company correspondence coming in and out of the business.  That includes mailing out of client bills, receiving client payments, and correspondence related to past and in-progress projects.  


Ms. Bancheri has learned an incredible amount from her twenty-two years at Kingsway Paving and looks forward to learning even more at the company in the years to come. 


Outside of work, Ms. Bancheri loves spending quality time with her two boys.  Additionally, Ms. Bancheri has a real passion for landscape design and is currently exploring this passion by taking a course in the subject at Humber College.  Ms. Bancheri intends to graduate from the course in August of this year and looks forward to using her new knowledge in the field to help improve Kingsway Paving’s business development even further.


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